1.  Every parent will have to sign our specific COVID disclaimer as well as our regular disclaimer. 

2.  No parents will be allowed in the studio (except one parent or caretaker per Little Dreamer student that will be required to participate/assist their child   during the class).

3.  Every student will have a temperature check before entering the building. If the student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher the student will be sent home. Parents must wait to make sure the student is allowed in before leaving the parking lot.

4. Everyone (staff and students) will be required to wear a mask while they are inside Dream Studio.

5.  There will be no changing clothes allowed in the building. Students must arrive in their dance attire and must bring a small bag with required dance shoes and water bottle.

6.  Every student will enter through the back of the building and walk through Studio A within the designated taped area.

7.  The student will walk into the waiting area and stand in their designated square until the teacher calls them in. Once in the designated area students will change shoes and leave all their belongings in their designated squares (Green for studio B and Blue for Studio A. Studio A is the bigger studio that you enter through)

8. During class students will be allowed to go into their designated waiting area squares for a drink of water one at a time. Students are encouraged to inform their teacher they need a drink of water, and will be allowed to quickly go out of the room and return to class.

9.  There will only be one student allowed to use the rest room at a time. Each studio has its own designated bathroom. The Green studio will use the bathroom labeled the green bathroom and the blue studio will use the bathroom labeled the blue bathroom. All other bathrooms will be taped off and are off limits. 

10.  Students must keep masks on while using the bathroom and must close the toilet lid prior to flushing. All students must wash their hands and will be asked to sanitize upon  re-entering the studio.

11. The door from the studio to the waiting area will remain open through the duration of the class.

12.  Each student will sanitize hands upon entering the studio.

13.  Each student will stand in their designated distanced spot upon entering the classroom.

14.  There will be absolutely no hands-on corrections for the duration of the pandemic.

15.  There is at least one door to the outside in each studio. These doors will remain open throughout the class and  will have fans placed in the them for ventilation. The heat will be on at higher levels as it gets colder to accommodate for the fresh air being put in.

16.  Studios, waiting area, and bathrooms will be sanitized between each class.

17.  Students will leave studio once class has concluded and will return to their designated squares in the waiting area to pick up their belongings.

18.  Students will exit one at a time through the front door of the studio.

19.  There will be distancing standing spots marked on the floor leading to the exit.

20.  Parents must ensure that they are not late to pick up their children as this will cause an unsafe congestion in the studio. In order to ensure the safety of all of our dancers we will issue a warning after the first time a parent is late for pick up. Upon the second tardy we will issue a $25.00 fee and after the third pick up tardy we will ask the parent not to bring child to the studio until said parent can provide some guarantee that the child will be picked up on time. We understand this seems harsh and accidents do happen, but we have a limited amount of people we are allowed to have inside, and this could create a serious distancing nightmare for the studio. We want to ensure that we are allowed to stay open and the studio is safe for everyone.

21.  Besides being sanitized multiple times a day the whole studio will also be deeply cleaned on a regular basis.

Illness:  Please do not send your child to class if they have a fever, are sick, sneezing, coughing, or show any signs of any illness.