Rates and Payment Policies

Dream Studio’s tuition is billed in 2 different ways.

1.)Most classes are billed according to the length of the class.

1 hour/week = $720 per 2022-2023 dance season billed at $72 per month

1 1/4 hours/week = $900 per 2022-2023 dance season billed at $90 per month

1 1/2 hours/week = $1080 per 2022-2023 dance season billed at $108 per month

2.)We have several classes that are billed monthly by Class Fee.

These include the Veritas Company, Junior and Senior divisions. Veritas classes meet for 32 weeks/year.

The annual charge for the VTAS Senior Company is $1250 which is billed in 10 monthly installments of $125.

The annual charge for the VTAS Junior Company is $960 which is bililed in 10 monthly installments of $960.

Dream Studio offers the following Tuition Discounts

These discounts do not apply to classes billed by Class Fee.

1.)Family Multiple Student Discounts

Families with more than 1 student enrolled in classes will pay full tuition for the first student and receive a 5% discount on all other students. Discounts will be applied to the lowest tuition first.

2.) Multiple Class Discounts

Students who take more than 3 hours of classes per week will receive the following discounts.

3 1/4 hr – 5 hr = 10% discount

5 1/4 hr – 7 hr = 15% discount

7 1/4 hr  and up  = 20% discount

Registration Fee

A $25 registration fee will be charged upon enrollment.

Families with more than one student enrolled will pay a $25 registration fee for the first student, and a $5 registration fee for each additional student.


Dream Studio will be billing tuition monthly. Tuition will be due on the 1st of each month September – June. Tuition can be paid by Credit Card (3% fee added), Check or Cash.

Late Tuition Payments

Each family must submit credit card information to be kept on file in their Jackrabbit account.

If a tuition payment is more than 10 days past due, a $25 late fee will be added to the account, and the total will be charged to the family’s credit card.


Costume Charges

Dream Studio is a performing arts school and an end of year recital is a joyful part of the dance education experience. Even our youngest dancers perform in the recital.

In January, we will measure each student and order costumes for the June recital. Costumes may not be returned, (they can be returned for a different size). so if your child will not be performing in the recital you need to notify the Studio Manager no later than January 15. Once costumes have been ordered you are responsible for all costume charges. It is important to understand that there can be no exceptions!

Costume costs vary, and due to COVID-19 many costume companies have increased their prices. You can plan on spending approximately $75 per costume. A $50 per costume deposit will be due no later than March 1, and your costume balance will be due by April 15, or your child will not be permitted to perform in the recital.