Standard class rate information

Your payment is based upon the number of hours of instruction your child receives per week.  The more hours your child takes the higher their discount rate (Specialty classes excluded).

3.0 hours or less no discount
More than 3.0 hours up to 5.0 hours 10% off
More than 5.0 hours up to 7.0 hours 15% off
More than 7.0 hours up to 10.0 hours 20% off
More than 10.0 hours 25% off

Each additional family member after the first family member enrolled will receive a 5% discount for the monthly tuition (off the lower tuition), excluding specialty classes.  A quarter includes 9 classes.  Base tuition (for non-specialty classes) is calculated at $41.25 per quarter hour.  That comes to…

1.0 hour class (except A-level classes) $165 per quarter
1.25 hour class $206.25 per quarter
1.5 hour class $247.50 per quarter
1.75 hour class $288.75 per quarter

Pre-payment options
We bill, and you are expected to pay, quarterly (4 times a year) unless you request one of the following pre-payment plans

Twice a year payments, September 11th and January 22 3% off your non-specialty classes
Pay in full, one payment by September 11th 5% off your non-specialty classes

Drop-in rate for non-specialty classes:  $25/hour  (prorated by class length)

Specialty Class Rates
(These classes are NOT subject to multi-class discounts, sibling discount or Unlimited Plans)

A-Level Classes (Hip Hop, Jazz and Boy’s Hip Hop) $81 per quarter
Tap B $180 per quarter, $25 drop in (with permission of instructor)
Tap C and D $225 per quarter, $30 drop in (with permission of instructor)
Silks $180 per quarter, $25 drop in (with permission of instructor)
Ballet 7 with Miriam $275 per quarter
Veritas* $650 twice a year, September 30 and January 15 (Wednesday and Saturday class)

*Veritas Runs September 11, 2017 through the June recital. However, due to the nature of this work, it results in approximately 30 to 32 weeks of rehearsal. The Veritas fee includes a (tentative) performance in the Winter as well as the June recital.   Preparation for any performance often requires additional rehearsal time in addition to scheduled class time.  These additional rehearsals are included in the Veritas rate.

Unlimited Rates

  • The Unlimited Plan gives the student unlimited classes (at their level) to all non-specialty classes. This plan is $4800 for the year or $1200/quarter.