Dream Studio’s class tuition is billed in 2 different ways.

1.) All Aerial Silks , Tap, Veritas, Boys Hip Hop, Level A Hip Hop, Jazz A/Tap A, and Ballet with Miriam classes are billed by Individual Class Fees. These classes are not eligible for any discounts.

2.) All other classes will be billed by number of class hours a student is enrolled in. See the rate chart and hourly discounts below.

Total Number of Class Hours

Tuition Rate

1 hour


Each additional quarter hour

+ $41.25

Over 9 hours = Unlimited Plan*

$1200 each quarter

*Unlimited Plan does not include any classes billed by Individual Class Fee.

Discounts for Classes Billed at an Hourly Rate

Total Number of Class Hours per Week

Discount for Classes Billed by Total Hours

3.0 hours or less

No Discount

More than 3.0 hours up to 5.0 hours

10% off

More than 5.0 hours up to 7.0 hours

15% off

More than7.0 hours up to 9 hours

20% off

* More than 9 hours per week

* $1200 quarterly

  • More than 10.0 hours per week is our Unlimited Plan which gives the student unlimited classes (at their level) to all non-specialty classes. This plan is $4800 for the year or $1200/quarter.
  • Family/Multiple Students Discount – Families with more than 1 student enrolled in classes will pay full tuition for the first student and receive a 5% discount on all other students. Discounts will be applied to the lowest tuition first.

Payment Options:

Dream Studio offers 3 different payment options:

  1. Quarterly payments – Pay in 4 equal installments – September, November, January, March/April

  1. Semester payments – Pay in 2 equal installments – September and January * (3% discount)

  2. Annual payment – September *(5% discount)

  • Payments must be received within one week of the due date to receive the discount.