Code of Conduct

These policies are in place to ensure a safe and respectful atmosphere for everyone participating in this studio’s activities.

General Rules

There are absolutely no street shoes, food, or drink (other than water) allowed in the dance space of the studio.


Students must arrive five to ten minutes prior to the beginning of class

Students will be given a warning after their first tardy

After the second tardy, a parent or guardian will be contacted by the instructor to inquire about the reason for lateness

If tardiness becomes a chronic problem, the student may be asked to sit out of the class


Students are encouraged to notify the studio of there will be an absence

Missed class due to illness or prior arrangement with the teacher may be made up in another class of the same level with the permission of the instructor

The make up class must be taken within 30 days of the missed class

General Studio Rules:

  1. There are absolutely no street shoes, food, or drinks ( other that water) allowed in the dance spaces of the studio.
  2. Students must respect teachers, staff, and fellow students, and they must not disrupt class.
  3. The lobby area is available for parents while students are taking class. (No pets please!)
  4. Children are not allowed to play in the parking lot.
  5. Parents with questions for any teacher should speak to the Office Manager to make an appointment to meet with the teacher when they are not instructing a class. Please do not approach the teachers with questions between their classes.
  6. All students are required to pay an annual registration fee that helps to offset the cost of Dream Studio’s insurance, and a $50.00 performance fee if they will be performing in the June recital.
  7. Students and parents must check the Dream Studio calendar, as we often have classes scheduled for Legal Holidays that fall on Mondays. Except in special cases, all of Dream Studio’s classes meet 36 times in a year. (We are the only Studio to do this!)

Late Tuition Payments:

If a student’s tuition is more than 30 days late, we reserve the right to ask the child to sit out of class until either a credit card is provided or an alternate payment agreement is reached. If a student’s tuition is over 60 days past due, a student will not be able to return to classes until a credit card is provided for the past due amount, and kept on file for future tuition payments.


Students must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class. It is imperative for students to be present for the class warm up in order to prevent injury. Students will be given a warning after their first tardy. If class tardiness continues the teacher will contact the parents, and the student may be asked to sit out of the class.

Studio Cleanliness:

Students must take responsibility for cleaning up all of their personal belongings, and any garbage they have created in the dressing rooms, studio lobby, studios, and hallway. Students are allowed to have snacks and drinks in the waiting areas, but all garbage and remaining food items must be placed in the garbage cans /recycling bin before leaving the Studio. Please take all personal items home including dance clothes, socks, all dance shoes, and all hair ties, clips, and hairpins. Parents are asked to make sure that their student/s clean up before they leave the studio each day.

Studio and Class Etiquette:

Students are expected to be respectful to all teachers, studio staff, and students at Dream Studio. Disrupting class and talking back to the dance teacher will not be tolerated. If a student is disrespectful or disruptive the student will receive a warning from the teacher. Should this behavior continue, the student will be told to leave the class and sit in the Studio Office until they are willing to change their behavior. If the student’s behavior continues to interfere with dance instruction, the student’s parents will be contacted to discuss the situation. Ultimately, this behavior may result in the student being removed from the class permanently.

Cell Phone Use:

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in/during all dance classes. Students may not leave the classroom to check their cell phones, email, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or any other form of social media. Students may call their parents from the studio before or after their classes. In the case of an emergency, a teacher may give a student permission to call their parent during class.

WiFi has been set up for homework use, not for social media. Students are forbidden to take/post pictures of any students while on the premises of Dream Studio. In order to insure that the privacy of all students is protected, we have changed the WiFi password for the studio, and it will be handed out on a homework need basis. The WiFi password will be changed on a regular schedule. Parents are asked to instruct their child/children to refrain from using social media in any way that would be negative or harmful for other students, staff, or for Dream Studio.


During rehearsals, parents and guests are not allowed to photograph or video any student, other than your own, without explicit permission from that student’s parent/legal guardian.


Students/parents should notify the Office Manager or the Class Teacher if a student will be absent. Absences due to illness, or prior arrangement with the teacher may be made up in another class of the same level, with permission of the instructor. The make-up must be made up within 30 days of the missed class.


Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after class has ended.