Code of Conduct

These policies are in place to ensure a safe and respectful atmosphere for everyone participating in this studio’s activities.

Dress Code

Ballet 1 – Pink leotard

Ballet 2 – Light Blue leotard

Ballet 3 – Lilac leotard

Ballet 4 – Maroon leotard

Ballet 5 – Navy leotard

Ballet 6 –  Forest Green leotard

Ballet 7 – Black leotard

All Ballet girls must wear pink tights and pink ballet slipper.  Boys will wear black tights and black slippers.

All Modern Dance  – Black unitard, black tights and modern shoes

Hip Hop  – Loose clothing, clean or new sneakers. NO BARE FEET.

Jazz – Black jazz pants or black tights and black jazz shoes.  NO JEANS


Students must arrive five to ten minutes prior to the beginning of class

Students will be given a warning after their first tardy

After the second tardy, a parent or guardian will be contacted by the instructor to inquire about the reason for lateness

If tardiness becomes a chronic problem, the student may be asked to sit out of the class


Students are encouraged to notify the studio of there will be an absence

Missed class due to illness or prior arrangement with the teacher may be made up in another class of the same level with the permission of the instructor

The make up class must be taken within 30 days of the missed class


Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the class has ended. If a student is picked up more than 10 minutes after the studio is scheduled to close, a $10 per 10 minute fee will apply. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the instructor reserves the right to take your child to their home where you will have to pick them up

General Rules

There are absolutely no street shoes, food, or drink (other than water) allowed in the dance space of the studio.

No photographs or video may be taken within the studio.

Students must respect the instructors and classmates and must not disrupt the class.

The reception area is available to parents while students are taking class. However, all young children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Children are not permitted to play in the parking area.

If we cancel a class more than once due to inclement weather or otherwise, we will reschedule. Cancellation notifications will be texted via

Parents are encouraged to ask any questions as long as an appointment is made to speak with the instructor at a time when the instructor is not required to be in class.

All students are required to pay registration and performance fee once a year. This is to offset the cost of the studio’s insurance and performance costs.