Class Dress Code


Masks must be worn at all times by students, teachers, staff, and anyone entering Dream Studio for any purpose.


Students will not be permitted to dance barefoot this year. If students don’t have the appropriate shoes for their class, they may wear slipper socks with non-skid grips on the soles until they are able to obtain shoes.

Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

Dance, due to its physical nature, produces perspiration which requires all dancers to keep their bodies, dance clothes, and dance shoes clean and odor free as possible. Parents are encouraged to help their student/s maintain good personal hygiene habits, and provide frequent cleaning of all dance clothes and shoes.


Students in Grades 5 and up must wear their hair in a proper bun, including pulled up bangs, hair ties, hair pins, and hair net. Messy buns will not be permitted in class. Students in these classes will not be taking class if their hair is not in a proper bun.

Students in Grade 4 and younger should have their hair up. A proper bun is preferred, but we understand that younger students may be unable to put their hair in a proper bun by themselves, if a parent’s assistance is not available.

Students of all other dance techniques are also required to have their hair up, though not necessarily in a bun.


Dress Code:

Little Dreamers: Students need ballet slippers and tap shoes, and may wear comfortable clothing.

Girls: All Ballet girls must wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers, or pink pointe shoes.

Boys: All boys, or male dancers will wear black slippers, and black tights or athletic wear.

Ballet 1 – Pink leotard

Ballet 2 – Light blue leotard

Ballet 3 – Lilac leotard

Ballet 4 – Maroon leotard

Ballet 5 – Navy leotard

Ballet 6 – Forest Green

Ballet 7 – Black leotard

Modern Dance: – Black unitard or black leotard and tights.

Jazz – Black leotard, tights with shorts over top OR tank with leggings.  Jazz shoes required. Heels optional in Jazz D.

Hip Hop – Loose clothing, and clean or new sneakers. No street shoes!

Tap – Yoga/dance pants or leggings with t-shirt, leotard or close fitting top. (No loose, baggy clothing.) Hair must be pulled back.