Recital Date is set! Sunday May 17th, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Mark your calendars!
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Recognizing the pressures that the dance world puts on young dancers with regards to body types, and understanding that these pressures can cause long term self-esteem issues, we at Dream Studio encourage all body types to learn the art of dance and enjoy its many benefits without concentrating on size or shape.

Our students receive strict, accurate technical instruction which will condition their bodies; however, all bodies are different, and dancers will be encouraged to study dance for the love of dance and not to attain a certain body shape or "look." We hope to create a nurturing and healthy atmosphere for all our students.

2015 Recital Rehearsals

The May 12th through 15th "In-studio" rehearsal schedules can be found here

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2015 Saturday Recital Rehearsals

The May 16th "In-studio" rehearsal schedules can be found here

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2014-15 Dream Studio Class Schedule

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