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Recognizing the pressures that the dance world puts on young dancers with regards to body types, and understanding that these pressures can cause long term self-esteem issues, we at Dream Studio encourage all body types to learn the art of dance and enjoy its many benefits without concentrating on size or shape.

Our students receive strict, accurate technical instruction which will condition their bodies; however, all bodies are different, and dancers will be encouraged to study dance for the love of dance and not to attain a certain body shape or "look." We hope to create a nurturing and healthy atmosphere for all our students.

2015-16 Registration

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Please review the 2015-16 schedule and class descriptions by selecting the Schedule and Classes tab in the left nav.  The age ranges and prerequisites for each class can be found near the bottom of the Schedule and Classes page.  For your convenience the schedule can also be found by clicking the following link.

2015-16 Class Schedule  

If you are new to the studio (or if your information has changed from last year), click on the next link to register your family (you only need to fill this form out once per family).

2015-16 Family Registration  

After filling in the Family Registration form above, click on the last link below to register the individual students.  We will review your registration to ensure you selected appropriate classes and confirm your registration via e-mail.  So if you are new to the studio or your e-mail has changed, be sure you fill in the Family Registration form (above) as well!

2015-16 Student Class Registration