Welcome to Dream Studio!

Recognizing the pressures that the dance world puts on young dancers with regards to body types, and understanding that these pressures can cause long term self-esteem issues, we at Dream Studio encourage all body types to learn the art of dance and enjoy its many benefits without concentrating on size or shape.

Our students receive strict, accurate technical instruction which will condition their bodies; however, all bodies are different, and dancers will be encouraged to study dance for the love of dance and not to attain a certain body shape or "look." We hope to create a nurturing and healthy atmosphere for all our students. 

NEW for Fall 2014

Dream Studio is excited to announce a new program for the younger dancers, our #Fall 2014 Dance Card".  We understand that parents are busy and young children can be inconsistent.  We understand not everyone can commit to a year-long dance program, or even a weekly time slot.  We realize that your child may want to try different styles of dance.  Using the "Dance Card" your child can take a sampling of 8 classes (each of which is a FULL 60 minutes) that you select based upon your schedule and your child's interests.  You do NOT need to pre-select which times/classes you intend to take. This card entitles your child to eight dance classes over eight weeks! This is a promotional program available only for children new to our studio, ages Pre-school through third grade.  Cards $150 and are valid for a full eight weeks, September 29 through November 21, 2014. For more information on available class times and to register, click the link below.

2014-15 Online registration forms

  Every family must fill out the following form once per year.  Please click the link below to fill in your family information.  This is an important form that updates your contact information as well as your emergency contact information, so every student/family is required to fill out this form.

The next form must be submitted once for each student in the family that is registering for classes.  If you are a returning student, you should have received an e-mail informing you of the appropriate class levels for each student.  If you are new to the studio, read the "class levels by age and grade" document linked above.  NOTE: Class levels may be adjusted by the instructors after they have assessed the student's maturity and abilities during the actual classes.

Due to the complexity of the calculations (with the family discount and such) your payments will NOT be automatically sent to you when you submit your forms.  If you are unable to calculate your own payments based upon the rate table, you may e-mail the business manager (dreamstudiodance.business@gmail.com) after you have completed all the forms for the family. Please indicate the payment schedule you will be using (quarterly, twice a year or yearly) and we will attempt to respond prior to registration day.  Payment in full for your first payment is expected at registration day.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO START CLASSES WITHOUT A FULL FIRST PAYMENT.